Daddy, why did we have to attack iraq?

January 21, 2007 4:00am CST
Q:Daddy, why did we have to attack iraq A:Because they had weapons of mass destruction. Q:But the inspectors did'nt find any weapons of mass destruction A:That's because iraq's were hiding them Q:That's why we invaded iraq? A:Yep. Invasions always better then inspections. Q:But after we invaded them, we still did'nt find them, did we? A:That's because the weapons are so well hidden. Don't worry we will find something, probably by 2004 elections. Q:Why did Iraq want all those weapons of mass destruction? A:To use them in a war, silly. Q:I'm confused, If they had all those weapons of mass destruction and they planned to use them in war, then why did'nt they use any of those weapons when we attacked them? The enemy of GOD had always tried to run away from it death but the destiny is written and everyone has to die. So did the ruler of israel did when MUSA(Moses)(May peace be upon him) was born to kill all the children for to save his life but Moses was grown in his house for he was the death of the devil. We shall see the end of a superpower soon as WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT GOD BUT GOD CAN DO ANYTHING WITHOUT US. So those who are having pride on their army, air force, navy, arms and ammuntion forget that GOD never wants anything to chage the fate... be prepared of what is going to come as we all are seating blindly on the pains and deaths of million in different countries for the only cause to accept US as superpower but they forget that the super power is only GOD!!!!
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21 Jan 07
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