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@Rumple (301)
South Africa
January 21, 2007 5:06am CST
Here is a place for you to just say whats on your mind, what ever it is, let it out, i dunno if you are like me but there is a lot of rubbish on my mind and i come out with the most random things sometimes so here is a place to let it out. Im not asking a question, consider it a safehouse for us non normal people ;) Like mouthwash... u can get drunk on that stuff you know. And what makes the earth spin... and cancer... its about time they found a cure i think!!! i need food right now... so have fun
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@Eisenherz (2910)
• Portugal
22 Jan 07
I've found a cure for AIDS, but then I forgot about it. And you know what, the other day I was world champion but I didn't care because I've seen the man over the moon and all that jazz with jam and butter peanut, you know? Oh yeah, this is as random as I can get :)
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@Rumple (301)
• South Africa
22 Jan 07
lol... thanks for the response, i enjoyed that one. SO well me about the man over the moon. Is he really a man? and what colour are his socks? Cant believe you forgot the cure for AIDS, thats terrible, oh well im sure you'll find it again while visiting the hippocrocarhinoduck. He's a really nice guy and tends to be hospitable from time to time, just dont look at his knee caps, he doesnt like that...