What does inspired you in Don Mclean's music? His rhythms or lyrics?

@crom07 (233)
January 21, 2007 7:30am CST
His mellow Rhythms or soulful lyrics? When i was a kid , my father always playing oldies music. Beatles,eagles,Cat stevens Barry Manillow, etc.. Of course his favorite, Don Mclean.Both he got a nice mellow rhythms,and a great lyrics. I used to play then.. Well in my opinion he got both, but i preferred his rhytms and beat. you know why? Its easy to create a great lyrics.. But the rhyhtms its hard. So i salute his Mellow rythyms.how about you?
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@LadyLeene (584)
• United States
23 Feb 07
I have to disagree with you about the difficulty of creatibng lyrics vs. creating music. It seems like most people are great at one or the other; it's fairly unusual that someone is a master of both. For me, it really is the lyrics that win over the music, if you have to pick one or the other. As Sarah Brightman said, there is just something about the human voice that 'takes over' when people are listening to music. It doesn't matter how good the rhythm is; if I don't like what is being said in a song, I won't listen to it.
10 Feb 07
I suppose liking the song American pie in the early seventies and liking the melody and lyrics made me buy his other albums,what amazed me was his insight into people and the ecology,now he was telling us all how we were destroying our enviroment with his words and music nearly 40yrs ago,and were well on the way,regards.