cancer patient with oral cancer, was this inhumane or not

United States
January 21, 2007 8:22am CST
my husband has oral cancer and has had surgery to remove his tongue ,floor of his mouth and jaw bone .they put in a titanuim plate in his mouth .he has a feeding tube in his nose and the doctors said that he needed to have a peg tube put in his stomach so they made the appointment and i took him now this is a man taht is still talking through his mouth even though he has a trach in his throat. they told us they was going to put him to sleep as this was very painful they gave him the stuff to put him to sleep and waited a while then took him into the operating room he was still awake when he left me i left and came back in an hour they came and got me to see him he was awake and crying he said they didnt put him to sleep all they did was tie him to the bed and run a 16 gage needle into his stomach and a scope down his throat he said they took out his trach so he couldnt speak they tore up all the surgery he had done in his mouth when we got home i looked up on the internet and every thing that he told me was there now this is a man that went through a 14 hour surgery do you think this was in humane or not?
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