Is cow really a scared animal for us Indians?

Cow eating garbage - Here what we see is a cow eating garbage in India.
A cow is considered to be our sacred animal and we are supposed to worship it.
i think its time now that instead of giving it some respect on paper...we start giving respect to it in terms of improving the living condititons of cows in India and not leave them in the middle of the road for eating garbabge!
January 21, 2007 1:26pm CST
A cow is considered to be a sacred animal for us Indians. We all worship it and that too on a very big scale here in India. But, One thing that baffles me is that if a cow is such a sacred animal for us then why are they found eating garbage on roads? Why isn't the govt. or the Animal Rights ppl doing anything about it?
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• France
1 Feb 07
Yep,cow is a sacred animal for hindus. But,though it is sacred we will find it on roads eating garbage, because we can't stop it from feeding itself. In villages they can find grass but, in cities it is not posible na...