Toileting over the bridge

Lagos, Nigeria
January 21, 2007 4:41pm CST
It terible witnesing what am about to tell you now. I saw a full grown man toileting over a bridge and he did not mind people watching him from moving vehicles. This is high level polution. This may kill some water cretures. That is the hieght of indicipline.
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@victorwzj (539)
23 Jan 07
That was a ugly sight. further polluting the water will make the world inhabitable for the future generation. It cost alot just to recycle the water to a usable level and there are not enough water for everyone in the world. Even here in Australia our water reserve is consider one of the cleanest but sadly the water is not enough to go around. There are water restriction in household area who ever get caught washing car or watering garden will be punish by cutting water supply or lowering water pressure. Those people that pollute the water like that doesn't deserve living in this society . Maybe this may seem harmless back and common for people to toileting in the river but in today society there are toilet everywhere specify for toileting purposes. If people want to live in this society live by it's rules. I am sad to hear that there are still people that inconsiderate in this society.