How much money do you get in mylot?

United States
January 21, 2007 5:25pm CST
How much money do you get per point in mylot. I hope its not 1 cent each because that means i only got 7 cents.....
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• Canada
21 Jan 07
It all depends on how good the quality of your post is. If you have a good quality post then you get more. Some people post 10 times in different topics and those 10 posts are quite helpful and of good quality, They get around 50 cents just for that(this is an example) Another way is to have a discussion made and it has alot of responses, in this case you also make alot
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21 Jan 07
then how much do you make so far?. I been posting atleast more than 2 paragraph until now with 20 something post and my earning is still 0.00. It say it gonna take 24 hour to update so I gonna give it a try by posting as much as I can before tonite. Not like I have anything to do anyway. I guess I have too many spare time. still I want to make my time worth something. I heard alot of people earn something and that the main reason why I try at the first place.
@aidonia (4210)
• Greece
9 Mar 07
I now that is two months old topic but maybe you figure out more than me at this 2 months.One point= one response ,right? I 'll show to you my last 5 days (not include photos or referral ,only responses)...19=34cents, 24=44cents, 16=30cents , 16=40cents, 21=37cents...The more of my responses are more than 3 lines and the quality and lines the 5 days are almost same.What is the conclusion here?Still try find the answer...