Death of Minors

January 22, 2007 12:17am CST
Summary killings have long been happening in our neighborhood and I have never complained about it. I always believed that it was for the best, that such outlaws should be stopped, if not jailed then better for them dead. Why? Because figuratively speaking "you can't stop a thief from stealing by just bringing him to prison and releasing him after a day or two, one has got to cut his fingers." I admired the Code of Hammurabi, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. When summary killings started happening in our city, things started to get better. Crime rates are lower and you can walk at night without chaperon. Drugs are a no, no because once you get caught your a goner. Then I read todays newspaper, another victim of the summary killing was seen lying with a .45 caliber bullet 4 meters away from him, on my head I was thinking, ha! that's what you deserve! Then I read, "...not more than 14 yrs. old." He was a minor. I started questioning my belief, should that child really havr died? He's the same age with my brother! He was a minor for God's sake! Is it just me or is it really wrong? If summary killings can help organize one's neighborhood is it justifiable enough to take a minor's life away? I'm confused.. how about you.. how do you feel about this?
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