How can a person go to heaven????

January 22, 2007 12:36am CST
have you ever asked yourself this kind of question? if you have you search the answer to this kind of question? if yes what is the way to heaven? is it good works? religion? or what?
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@rmuxagirl (7554)
• United States
24 Jan 07
According to my faith, a person can get to Heaven by accepting Christ into their lives. But others would believe differently.
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• Philippines
25 Jan 07
Ok, thats good my friend, but can i ask a favor? can you clarify further your faith? Can you discuss it further? thanks.
@kavita23 (2995)
• India
22 Jan 07
live honestly & do something good for other always help poor people but not them who can able to work & live.only whome who are not able to do some thing. happy mylot day. have a nice day.
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
Wow, kavita i think we can be a good friends because i like a good and simple person like you. thanks for responding me and i hope that you will be more good person. Goodluck
@weee_ann (1453)
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
I tell you, then I have to kill you
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
Why? How can you say that? can i have your reason please?
@Krisss (1231)
• Australia
18 Dec 07
Do you read the bible? If you do not have access to one try The Bible clearly says, "call upon the name of the Lord and be saved" What were Jesus last words on the cross? "It is done" No need for a hoop jumping religion, Jesus did it all for US
@carmat (2849)
• Canada
5 Feb 07
Ask Jesus into your heart, ask him for forgivness, follow his word and he will show you the way. Jesus is your only way to get to heaven,