Do you believe that the number 13 is bad luck? Why?

January 22, 2007 6:09am CST
Do you know why number 13 is almost always associated with bad luck? or where it started? Do you believe in it?
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@rodmac (94)
22 Jan 07
The common explanation; in a Christian context; is based on the 'fact' that Jesus plus 12 disciples partook of the 'Last Supper' on the Passover. (1 plus 12 = 13)
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
i didnt notice the numbers on the Last Supper before. I thought it was only on chinese astrology that this number was taken as unlucky one. Thanks.
@madcat08 (287)
• Canada
22 Jan 07
No way 13 is my favorite number.
@janejaa (412)
• Pakistan
22 Jan 07
As I said in one of my previous reply to one of the discussions here at mylot, it's we that we tagged some misconceptions to some specific numbers. We humen created numbers and misconceptions. All numbers are equal. I don't beleive in these misconceptions so for me, all numbers are equal.