Song is sung by a male, re 9/11

October 6, 2006 11:06pm CST
video clip has him in various locations, holding and wringing a small US flag, there are 'angels' which rise into the sky, a sandhill? which changes into Mount Rushmore, he goes through a schoolyard and pats a child on the head and 'stars' fly from it, a woman looking at a tombstone, which reveals her holding a child.
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• India
17 Oct 06
Yes u are correct. What do you want now
17 Oct 06
Obviously to know who sung it.
@dellion (6704)
• Malaysia
18 Oct 06
I never see that before and after this will try to search it.
17 Oct 06
I haven't heard or even saw the video myself so I couldn't say. Have you tried looking on YouTube for it? You can find anything on it these days!