Earnings from myLot

January 22, 2007 7:57am CST
I have just joined myLot. You see, I got enticed with the idea that by sharing your thoughts and being of help to others, you could actually get a little something in return. However, I would like to inquire from myLot members who have been in this community for quite some time now how much their average monthly earning is, and in what form are they paid if they have an e-gold account. Thank you very much in advance for your responses.
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@ssh123 (31086)
• India
22 Jan 07
I am here from Aug.11, 2006. I have so far earned $474.39. Yesterday's earning reflected intoday's account is $3.38. My average monthly earning is $75. I get paid through paypal where I am a member. Here are some tips for you. If you have a good typing skill, Make some 50 friends, put a condition that they should respond one of your discussions and you respond one of theirs. Post 150 to 200 qualitative, descriptive responses Post 20 to 25 discussion topics which should be thought provoking Upload pictures Bring in referrals. This if you daily, there should not be any problem for earning handsomely.
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
wow.. 3.38$ a day is very big already.. you are lucky. how many hours do you spend in mylot?
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
wow congrats.. that's big amount already. You're good. Great job.