SHORTBUS-What do you think about this movie??

January 22, 2007 10:18am CST
I don't know exactly what this movie storied about. Several weeks ago, my brother bought DVD titled SHORTBUS. After i red the main story, I was interesting and decided to watched this movie. It is weird movie i though. i saw some couple "having fun" with their own style at the opening the movie and the last scene I saw was three-sam "man"s, and then i stopped it. I keep couldn't underestand what this movie storied about. I kind of unusual watch this movie. How about you?? What do you think about this movie
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• Indonesia
26 Jan 07
whew ... three some ? i don't think that's a 'normal' movie. couple 'having fun' ? haiyaaaa ... what kind of movie is that ? @_@; ... *speechless* ... can't give any comment for that ...