PayPoster "Secret Police" Revealed!!

@Melizzy (1381)
United States
January 22, 2007 10:35am CST
Actually, we are not so secret. If you see the word MODERATOR under anybody's name, hey guess what? That's the person who just moved that topic you started about the theory of Pi into the trash. And that Geometry theory you posted too. Yes, people post crap like that. Early today I had 621 as my number of posts. Apparently my defense of PayPoster was deleted as now I am down to 617, 618 after I post this. Funny, I can't find a place to email the elusive and never before seen myLot admins and asked if this is what happened. And they did not send me any email telling me why. Or do you all forget that we were complaining about alot of the same things here on myLot that you were complaining about now on PayPoster a scant 2-3 weeks ago? My how you forget. As for the trash bin, it is left there for the same reason myLot wants you to tag even your Personal Messages you send to other MyLotians: for Google Ad Sense spidering. Surely you didn't think your PM's were private? Please, both sites are set up to make money for the owners and a little for us. The whiners are usually the ones who had their crappy topics that used to flourish here before the crackdown, called out and trashed. Bottom line, eventually myLot and PayPoster will go away. Advice: Get while the getting is good. Anything based on internet ad revenue is precarious at best. PayPosters one leg up for one reason only: The sign-up incentives they offer. That is guaranteed money a set amount for the site. Ad dollars fluctuate. Post, don't post. myLot was once new as well and people once trashed it and it's still here. Grow-up. PayPoster offers a different type of board. If it's not for you, it's not for you. It would be pretty stupid to start another board EXACTLY like myLot, wouldn't it? Bad business sense. PayPoster offers me the advantage of editing my posts and better catagorization for me. That's what I like, but I don't go around slamming other boards. My earnings here have steadily declined. Why should I grubb for .02 or maybe .10 depending on what formula myLot uses that day? At least with PayPoster I get the opportunity to know EXACTLY how many points I have. No guessing.
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