Car repair

@drmt57 (295)
United States
January 22, 2007 3:41pm CST
why is it , when a woman take her car to the shop for repair she get charged more than a man. If we take our car in for repair for one thing,we are sometimes told that we need work done that is not necessary. I experienced this a few month ago. I did not let them do the work they said that I needed done. I took my car to another shop and I was told that I did not need that done to my car it was another problem which cost less money to fix, he fixed my car and it runs fine. He also told me that he use to work at that particular shop. and that they are known for that,and that is the reason he left. you would think they would try to look out for us women, instead of trying to rob us blind. what is wrong with our men today
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24 Jan 07
well im a woman and i wont take mine out for repairs because these mechanis are a sucker when they see a woman and think she is dumb i do all of my repairs it not that hard .
@jon8105 (131)
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22 Jan 07
It is not necessarily what is wrong with men, but what is wrong with a lot of people in America! And the answer is GREED. They figure they can get more money out of women because usually (not trying to be mean at all!!!) women know less about cars than men. But that goes with most businesses, whether it is the men or women doing it!!