FlyFF: Fly For Fun Online

@coffxx (30)
United States
January 22, 2007 6:11pm CST
Anyone play this game? I just downloaded it, but the sites Register area is down, so I can;t play yet :(
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@victorwzj (539)
23 Jan 07
It is the first flying mmorpg games and it have several classes. it quite good , you can customise you look changing clothes, hair style , hair color and weapon. There are several flying item you can use, magic carpet, broom, board, cloud and more. Too bad most of them were expensive. you need to reach level 20 before you can fly and it took forever to level. It get harder to level when you reach level 50. The price for the item is very expensive. alot of people buy low and sell high and this make the inflation rising like rocket. last year I check I need atleast 12-14mil to buy a cape. Now the price has further increased . It might seen fun at first but it get bored once you can reach level 20 -fly requirement . The thing that I hate about this game is the quest. Although it give penya ( money ) and exp it is very troublesome to do all the quest. The pvp system were ok but some of the people will pretend to be noob while their level is higher than you and if you fight them you will lose. I used to be a guild leader in flyff but I had to retired because of my study but if you are chasing the end game item the the game will consume you. Take my advise , do not waste time playing them. You can learn alot of thing if you stay here and post. not to mention you can earn some $$ too.
@usman400 (1587)
• Pakistan
23 Jan 07
Which web site you are talking about, I like games, and i really like small games, I dont like that big 3D recousrce _ucking games !