Problems between Boyfriend and Sister

United States
January 22, 2007 6:39pm CST
My boyfriend and sister have had problems since they first met. Everytime they see eachother they tend to make snide comments to one another and I have no idea how to fix this. I love them both and I just wish they'd get along. Any ideas on how I can help patch this up without them getting mad at me for getting envolved?
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@onesiobhan (1329)
• Canada
23 Jan 07
They don't have to like each other. However, for your sake, they need to stop making you uncomfortable. I would suggest sitting down with each one of them in turn and telling them that you know they don't like each other, and that they have that right. But they are grown adults and they can mind their manners for the brief periods where they have to be with each other.
@ugachaka (297)
• United States
23 Jan 07
It's probably something as simple as they got off on the wrong foot and are too stubborn to do anything about it. But you can't force them to like each other. Some people just naturally clash and the most that you can hope for is that they're going to be civil when they're around one another. I personally hate my gf's sister, and any amount of trying to force the two of us to play nice together is just going to add to the resentment.
@harxian (671)
• Philippines
23 Jan 07
i used to have same problem as yours its really hard for me because i love them booth and cant afford to loose sister dont like my bf cause she just dont like it she feels something that this man aint gonna do some good things to me cause my bf who is now my husband dress up like a rocker and she doesnt like he looks like cant be trusted we did a lot thing just to survive our relationship i ask God for the enlightenment of my sister as time goes by she knew that my bf really loves me by then my bf started to go to our house and they talked and in a long way they become friends.just understand your sister talk to her whats your boyfriend really up to and good luck.
@judyt00 (3501)
• Canada
23 Jan 07
Your best bet is to just ignore it. they like each other. This is how brothers and sisters behave in real life, and its just a way for them to pretend they don't get along. you might want o ask your sister to seriously tell you waht it is about your boyfriend that she doesn't like though, ifshe says he's just annoying, take it as given that she would accept him as brother in law material. but if it issomething serious, like he's sayingthings about you, or she's heard that hes molested someone else or hit a previous girlfriend, take it very seriously. Sisters generally know there is something strange before the girlfriend does.