In responding where do you go first?

responses - in responding where do you go first?
@harxian (671)
January 22, 2007 7:13pm CST
In responding where do you go first?would you choose the top discussions?new,recent,interest or from your friends discussions?me i will go to recent or new discussion those who dont have responses yet so that i can help them earn mylot in my own little way:-)
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14 Feb 07
When I start a discussion I always respond to that first, then I go to my friends discussions as the old faithfuls usually respond back, which I prefer. Then I go to the new discussions and answer those who have not had a response, that interests me. I do not very often go to the top discussions if I notice that the person does not respond back to anyone as to me they are not interesting. I always rate a persons discussion and other responses if I have enjoyed or agreed with their comments. This way I know I am helping them earn money and a better rating score. However, I never rate negatively if I do not agree as I also enjoy the responses that have some banter that is not offensive.
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14 Feb 07
i always go to my friends discussions first. then i go to the top discussions. i have many friends so it takes some time for me to get to all of their discussions. that's what i like about notification. i also respond to the ones that dont have responses yet. such as this one.