January 22, 2007 10:12pm CST
Do you people understand that you can create whatever you want? All you have to do is feel and know that you already have it. Manifest it. The key is to really feel it. There's plenty of everything for everybody.
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@takkea (394)
• United States
16 May 07
I am going to try this. Has it worked for you?
• Australia
22 May 07
Yeah. Be careful what you ask for though. You're sure to get exactly that. :)
• United States
27 Apr 07
Ihave th eSecret,and embrace it whole heartedly. I have for so long manifested what I wanted,i didnt know it had a name till now. recently though when I am meditating, or even thinkinga bout already haveing what i want i get this tight swirling feeling of nervousness in my stomach. like excitement. i think its holding me back in anway,and have tried to do breathing excorsizes to try to relax it. i know what i want,i can feel already haieng it,and live like i already have it,but i hate the feeling in my stomach. is this feeling a good thng or a bad thing?
• Australia
27 Apr 07
Of Course it's a good thing. It's the feeling of unevenness, or uneasiness that propels us onto the next thing. If we were always content, we'd always stay stagnant. It's that feeling of "what do I do" that propels us forward.
• Israel
10 May 07
Manifestation is easy. The big question is - are you ready to accept what opportunities the universe gives you? If I offer you an opportunity of a life time now, would you be willing to accept it? Would you check it thoroughly? Would you be led by the belief that you actualy manifested that opportunity, and the universe made this happen? Manifesting is easy - you must be ready and willing to accept your manifestations. Many people manifest all their lives, but unwilling to accept their manifestations - to take on the opportunities givven to them - they think "the secret" doesn't work. When an opportunity comes your way, check yourself first - if it was an opportunity to make money, check if you thought about solving your money problems lately and even unconciously manifested this opportunity. If it was an opportunity to share love/life with a partner, check if you thought about related subjects lately. Even exposure to relative fields might cause you to manifest. If your friend got married, and you thought about how happy he/she is - you might actuly started to manifest it into your life. Now I will ask again - if I have an opportunity to offer you, would you consider it? Would you check it thoroughly and seriously? Can you believe you manifested this offer?
@tenzen (114)
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
From my experience, the more I trust manifesting what I want, the more it works. And the more I DON'T trust it, then it doesn't. So more often you'll find me believing in manifesting. I'm lazy, so that belief system is very useful for me (since I don't have to do anything / much to make things happen.)