colors one looks out for while shopping for clothes............

January 23, 2007 12:33am CST
While shopping for dresses what kind of colors do you look for ............ bright ones or light ones or go in pastel shades. Well i like to go in for blacks and whites as well and also prefer to go in pastel shades cause they are very soothing.Well its said that colours also say a lot about choice and also about your personality.I don't choose colors according to any of the above reasons but because they are liked by me.Do you keep such things in mind while shopping for clothes
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@jglfan101 (155)
• United States
23 Jan 07
I always go for the dresses that catch my eye. I don't go into a store expecting to buy a dress that is a certain color. Usually I am attracted to colors like pink, black, lavender, and baby blue. It really just depends on the dress. I might go into a store and see a really cute green dress and I'll buy it. I also determine the dress that I buy by how it fits. If I try on a pink dress and a red dress and the red dress fits better and compliments my curves than I would definetly buy it instead of the pink one; eventhough pink is my favorite color. I guess it really doesn't matter what color it is, just how it fits and the design of the dress. Of course there are some colors that I don't like to wear and in that case would not buy a dress of that color.