robert pickton

January 23, 2007 1:29am CST
Ok, Im sick of hearing about this trial already but it just started and there is going to be 12 mo of this grueling horrific trial left according to the news... Why we dont just fry the guy i have not a clue... If you dont know who robert pickton is you must be living in a dark hole somewhere. He is canadas biggest serial killer charged with killing 9 street walkers on vancouvers east side - i believe. out of the 60 that have gone missing... the other name is is used to is canada's pig farmer serial killer - as funny as that sounds. They have been talking about this guy all day and the horrible stuff they have found on his ranch. Such as womens skulls cut open with saws, teeth in one part of the farm, their legs and other bones in diffrent parts of the barns. Human blood scatterd from one end to the other... it is very gruesome and horrific and i dont know if i can handle 12 mo of this and i have no connection to the victims. I feel horrible for the victims family's to have to deal with there loved ones deaths scatterd across the media. What is your take on this and have you heard of this horrible man - what do you think should happen. Should canada be paying his legal bills ... I think not! for more information check out
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