CREDIT CARDS! is it wise to get one when you 're an impulsive buyer?

January 23, 2007 1:48am CST
anyone here? i need your view on this... there are alot of banks who offer credit cards and so claims to have a a very low interest rate or they go into gimmiks and promos just to get you to sign up forms and even a promise you a fast processing of applications! whew! and they're almost everywhere! although i know some people who got into major trouble because of these credit cards it's still amazing that a lot of people still wants it...and even the bank companies themselves won't stop enticing people to fall into this trap. i guess it's useful for emergencies...but what are really these cards for? do we need it, as in need to have it? if this is not for everybody then whose it for? how many of these must one have? if you don't have one (like me) should you consider having one? if you have 1, 2 or even 3 would you encourage others to get one? COMMENTS? WELCOME HERE...
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@crazy_me (588)
• Philippines
27 Jan 07
Credit card is really not for everybody who is qualified to have one. You should never, ever get a credit card if you are an impulsive buyer. You would only end up having a very big debt, which you would probably never be able to pay. Credit cards should be used only for emergency. I am very much against those people who use credit card in their every transaction. I mean, if you do not have much cash, then avoid buying anything that is not necessary. Some people, especially here in the Philippines, think that they are already "big time" if they have a credit card. Duh! I have a credit card, and so what? I do not use it anyway because I avoid having debts. I would only use it when I really need to. You cannot be jailed because of credit card debt, but you should not abuse that fact. You should know that it is your responsibility to pay your debts. So before getting a credit card, think many times. If you know you can handle it instead of the credit card handling you, then get one. Otherwise, DO NOT get a credit card. :)