Cat leash?

October 7, 2006 4:56am CST
You know, we leashed our dogs and take them for walk. I always been wondering why is it that cats are not taken for walk but less being leashed?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
11 Dec 06
My dogs will get out of the road before my Cats do one lays in the middle of the road I got ot get it another does next I know the poor motorist will be waiting for 11 of them. I'll do the dinner call or call their names and most will come but there is always 1 or 2 that refuses and it starts all over again. At least most motorists in our country side neighborhood find this rather humerous as usually my Cats and dogs are always next to me so these are like a once in 6 month occurance... If you walk 15 feet from the ditch normally my pets will avoid the road, and usually do not need a leash for any of them then....... only time I need a leash for my dogs is four wheelers, and well if you honk at them they think it's an invintation to run along your vehicle to the top of the hill, at the edge of the yard then sit and watch it then wander back in the ditch then look for me to see if I was watching if I was they go lay down on the porch as they know when they are in trouble just like a adult sends a naughty child to their bedroom, I send my dogs to lay down on the porch :) .. and if they refuse to then I leash them for a couple of hours...... I found with my dogs, and cats leashing either makes them viscious and anxious, and they panick.. so I rather not leash them unless I really have to... I understand leash laws for animals are viscious and anti social in the first place, but most dogs, and even cats after they been properly socialized have no need for leashes... It is very rarely we have a cat hit by car, and if we do it is because the car or vehicle was speeding or racing....or in one case the cat was half blind and deaf, and it was after dark. Most of my animals congregate on the porches and sidewalk at night due to the coyotes, and the cougar so we do not lose many cats or animals to getting hit by cars anymore they stay close to us because of the natural predators.... I live in the country where you can see the animal clearly and easily for about 1/4 a mile view.... So out here where there is enough space for them to roam without danger or problems leash laws are rediculous. But if you live in town or near a busy highway where the traffic is non stop, flying by, where it is dangerous to even be near the road, then yes I agree leash laws definately in that area. - DNatureofDTrain