United States
January 23, 2007 2:03am CST
have you ever fall in love with somebody else's lover? i did... actualy he love me to.. we've met about a month and sudenly he said "i love you".. everything has change. he so sweet to me. he touch me in way that no one ever touch me. i thought that he's my soulmate. we can talk about anything. about hobbies, interest, personality, psychology, religion, etc.. he said that we're like a mirror. but now, he's far away from me.. i know that it's wrong to love him but i can't control my self. have you ever heard a song by gloria estefan? "i was not supposed to fall in love with you.. i have someone else, and someone else is loving you.. i was not supposed to let this love get through.. so let me say for real.. heaven's what i feel when i'm with you.." this song truly reflected what i feel for him.. have you ever love somebody somuch till makes you cry?? cause i have...
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