Why do america have to interfere in other Countries problem.

January 23, 2007 8:26am CST
Well i was wondering that why does america considers its responsibility of clearing the whole world of terrorist and WMDs even if they are against the organization set to promote world peace. I mean this job is for UN rather than US to mantain world peace, then why is US consider this its own obligation and is waging a war against those countries. Secondly if weapons are the concern then America is the country which has the highest defense budget ie of more than $400 billion. It should first close down its weapon industry then go on and reform the whole world. Whats your opinion.....Dont Spam...Only logical posts
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@gexi1987 (329)
• China
23 Jan 07
ya,friend,i think sometimes purpose of the interference in international issue of usa is to establish an more steady global order which will benefit it most.usa is the only super power of the world.it's natural for it to use its advantage to protect its profit.
• Pakistan
2 Feb 07
yeah this is certainly true that american government is selfish........! I dun see any more replies......Americans, come up and justify your actions