time management

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January 23, 2007 9:57am CST
I have a big problem managing my time, I get very little acomplished in a lengthy amount of time.. how can I manage my time better? I make lists but I just can get things done... Anyone have any ideas? What do you do?
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15 Feb 07
Hi, (I found this questions because I live near Murphy and was looking for people in NC.) I'm a very busy person and I, too, make lists. But, I keep two kinds of lists: kitchen sink and prioritized. Anything can go on a kitchen sink list. Only things I really intend to do go on the prioritized lists. I rank things like this: 1. Absolutely has to be done; bad things will happen if they aren't finished. 2. I want to do this; I will be disappointed if I don't do it. 3 and above. Kitchen sink items. Before I go to bed, I list the most important #1 item and the most important #2 item and decide to do them both the next day. When I wake up, I work on the #1 item until it is completed. I then reward myself by doing the #2 item I identified last night. Then, I pick another #1 item and start over. For example, possible #1 items would be paying bills, and whatever else you absolutely have to do today. Sometimes I have one and other days there are several. I pick the most important one. Possible #2 items could be read a chapter in a book, watch TV for an hour, play my guitar, listen to music, or take a walk. I try to accomplish something and then reward myself. Since I work at home, it is very important that I accomplish the most pressing tasks first, before playing a bit. I love what I do, so I may do several #1 things before picking a #2 item and playing. Gotta go, the next thing on my list is to eat lunch and watch the next episode of Stargate SG-1 that just came in the mail from Netflix. All the best, JD