My Aunt the alcohalic is trying to re-enter my life again... what should I do?

United States
January 23, 2007 10:45am CST
My mom's sister is an alcohalic. She is mad at the world. Her and my mom are nothing alike in the since that my mom is a very giving, loving person that everyone thinks the world of. My Aunt dispises her to the point where at some times I am worried about my mom's well being. I truly belive that My Aunt hates her so much she would actully harm my mom if she got so out of control. Though at times when she is not drinking she is the warmest more loving person ever. It is so FRUSTERATING! She is so bad that her own son was not even inviting her to his wedding. 3 weeks before we sat him down and told him he needed to invite his mom she gave him life! THat is bad! The last run in I had with my Aunt is the day after my grandma died. Her mom. She has no licence and my mom called to see if I would go pick her up before I went to the funeral home to make arrangments with my parents. I did not want too, but I did. She sits in my car and I said good morning...she said to me "Oh shut up I don't even want you to pretend to be all nice... just shut the hell up." Ahhh... I didn't know what to say. I put my car in reverse and began to back up when she said " Thanks for clearing your schdule to come pick me up you have to be a F***ing angel just like your mom." yeah... I'm just looking forward and ignoring her... the funeral home was 2 minutes away... I COULD MAKE IT! and then she said..."If I would have known you were coming I would have just walked." Which at that point I said to her "Well, you know what... you still have time." Ha... that wasen't a good thing to say... She swong the door open and started getting out of the car! I was going like 20mph. down the road! She has one foot on the pavement and I hit my breaks as she is rolling out onto the curb! She is yelling at me "I'm going to F**k you up!" I hit the gas and off I went! I could not belive it! It's terrible. I love her when she isn't drinking and I would love nothing more then to be close with my Aunt. But geeze I can only be burned so many times! My aunt was picked up for drunk driving two months ago and is now in rehab and some what sober. My mom called me yesterday and Aunt Dina wants me to help her find airline tickets for her son. I want to help her but I don't know what to do. My mom is saying she is trying to reach out to us and that we should be there for her. But she has been in rehab before and I made the attemt to build on our relationship...only to get hurt again. I don't know... any advice??
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