January 23, 2007 10:47am CST
wat kind of guys do girls prefer...... hunks?????????????? intelligent??????????? simple??????????? sharp??????????? rich??????????? or sum other kind????????????
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@rainbow (6763)
29 Jan 07
• United States
29 Jan 07
Well Ab, You are one terrific cutie pie and I can't imagine any young woman not wanting to date you; but.... -please do not use Instant Message/Text Message slang when you are writing to a young woman - if you like her, she deserves at least the time it takes to spell out a word -hunks?, yes, there are some women that like the steroid pumping jock types, but that's not the majority of women -intelligent? - Most certainly! A woman wants a man she can have a conversation with. She wants someone who can talk with her but not down to her. If you are more intelligent than she is, you can help her to grow, but you must never do it in a way as to show your superiority and lord it over her to make her feel "less than" -simple? - Yes, but not so simple that he doesn't appreciate nice things - unless she is also of the minimalist type -sharp? - If you mean a nice dresser, of course - but that doesn't have to mean great suits and ties, it can be as simpla as good grooming, clean and pressed clothing, and fresh breath -rich? - Most women prefer a man with a job! There are many that are looking for a wealthy man. If you are not a wealthy man - stay away from them! If you are a wealthy man - stay away from them! -Some Other Kind - Yes - Honest, Does Not Cheat, Does Not Cling, Trusts The Woman, Has Similar Interests, Has Some Different Interests so each of them can have some Away Time, Share Some Same and Some Different Friends, Treats You as Though You Are The Queen in Her Life
• United States
29 Jan 07
It really is very dependent on many other things... younger girls will want a "hot" guy... looks matter a lot more to younger people because they're not so worried about finding someone that will be with them "forever". Some women need the intellectual stimulation. I can't stand a guy that can't carry on a conversation so intelligence is key for me. Some women prefer money, over everything else. It's really a matter of the person in question and what they like. Me, I want honesty, sincerity, intelligence, sense of humor. If they have money or are very sexy looking, hey that's a bonus... but not a necessity.
@niitesh (1655)
• India
27 Jan 07
humeeeeeeeeeeee a nice question well let me think which i normally don't and computer ji here is my answer i would prefer a simple girl from a ethnic family who knows what's family is All about who respects my parents as she respects hers and doesn't use her brains in creating family disputes and dramas
• Portugal
26 Jan 07
if I will be able to find a guy with brains, romantic and good looking...I will marry him!!!
• India
24 Jan 07
Girl prefers a guy with nice nature and should be intelligent.
• Philippines
23 Jan 07
nice attitude and some brains.