Peter Schmeichel is the last goalkeeper that can raise the spirit of Man U

January 23, 2007 1:40pm CST
Lack of spirit is the main problem of the player nowadays. The defensive lines often run late to close down the opponent attacker. The goalkeeper holds important part here. So far I don't see van de Sar can do anything about this than just kept his goal safe. The last goalkeeper of the club that could done this was Peter Schmeichel. With his strong leadership and charismatic the Man U def lines had made the opponent stricker frustrated. I remember Gary Pallister, he was one of the def lines with great character.
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• India
24 Jan 07
u are too critical and am afraid , u are correct the leader ship , isnt jus at the frontside it should come from the goalie who gives orders , shouts at his defenders and that gives u a hell lot of moral boost actually van der saar is quite dodgy he has good command , and doesnt do too many mistakes but still we dont see another schmeichel out there hope benfoster turns out to be one :)
• Indonesia
23 Jan 07
i agree with you bro, schmeichel is a Legend, the best Manutd Goalkeeper ever. its hard to find someone like schmeichel now, i cant compare van der sar with schmeichel. he have ability to manage manutd defensive line. Glory...glory..glory... Manutd
@Garameo (902)
• Germany
23 Jan 07
hello. i agree with you. van der saar´s time is over. i think he is to old for manu.
@JoeJoe11 (152)
23 Jan 07
I believe there will never be a United goalkeeper as good as Schmeichel was, but i think you are being rather harsh to Van Der Sar. He is certainly the best keeper we've had since Schmeichel, he's solid, he's not only a great stopper but he also has leadership qualities. I think his spirit, and our defences spirit is very much there, mainly because this season we simply have to win the league and they know this and so are striving to achieve it.