Do you feel your friends expect more from you than you get in return?

@cpamanda (694)
United States
January 23, 2007 2:36pm CST
For instance, I know I have some friends who expect gifts for their children and I have not gotten a gift from them in 3 years, maybe 4. Or... there is also a time factor. Do you find sometimes that you give more in a relationship with a friend, than you get in return? I have had a couple of friends like this and I find it hard to stay friends.
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@ladygator (3468)
• United States
26 Jan 07
Yeah I have had this issue as well. I do know that some relationships are for a period of time. There are some of my friends that are super complainers and seems that it never ceases. I So lately I have been kinda detouring the convo to another direction into something positive or uplifting. Now the gift buying thing, that is just crazy. I would just say the next time "well you know I have my own to care for" and so do you so that will work out best if we dont purhase gifts for one another, or at least not expect it and if one of us happens to pick-up something for the other then its a gift not an exectation of a match.
@cpamanda (694)
• United States
29 Jan 07
Yes, it is just frustrating to say the least. I guess I just need to tell them I cannot afford it anymore and leave it at that. Thanks for the reply.