Help Needed, Let's See If This Title Generates Readers:)

United States
January 23, 2007 8:59pm CST
I am in the process of building a web site....that is a lie. I have a friend that is building it for me. It is almost finished and she has sent me all of the pages in seperate emails. The Home Page I was successful in adding computer graphics (hijacked from Photobucket) to the content. When I moved on to the second, third, and on and on pages, I find that I am unable to do this. Is there anyone savvy enough to tell me what I am doing wrong? I did have another friend here direct me to a site with "pretties" from MySpace, but I couldn't get them to work either, but then again, all they had were codes and I couldn't just copy and paste them into my pictures. I know that I am old. But I really didn't want to admit to being feeble-brained, too!~Donna
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@ukchriss (2103)
2 Feb 07
I'm not very good at explaining things but I do have some links that may help you... This will site tell you how to build a web site and explains how to How to add pictures and links. Personal Web Pages Tutorial A Web Design Tutorial for Rank Beginners Everything Needed To Build Or Enhance Your WebSite Adding Images to Your Site Hope one of them will help you.