in the country?????????wat happened...

January 23, 2007 9:21pm CST
this life is sweetest in this wood i hear no children cry for food, i see no women, white with care, no man, with muscles wasting here. no doubt it is a selfish thing, to fly from human suffering no doubt he is a selfish man, who shuns poor creatures sad and wan but tis a wretched life to face, hunger is almost every place cursed with a hand thats empty when. the heart is full to help all men. can i admire the statue great, when living men starve at its feet? cn i admire tha parks green tree, a roof for homeless misery?? when i cann see few men in need, i then have po wer to help by deed, nor lose my cheerfulness in pity, which i must do in every city. for when i am those great places i see ten thousand suffering faces before me stares a wolfish eye behind me creeps a groan or sigh.
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