Out Of Control Two Year Old

United States
January 23, 2007 9:45pm CST
I have a two year old nephew who is just out of control!My sister doesn't know what to do with him.She is a single mother and the dad does not have anything to do with his son.He pitches fits that are crazy!If you don't do something he wants you to do or you won't let him do something he will run up to you and hit you.I have been smacked across my face before because I didn't want to put a hat on my head.He does this to his mother too.If we are in the car and tell him no to something he will pick up something and throw it at us since he can't reach us to hit us.My sister is desperate and doesn't know what to do, and I don't have children so I'm clueless.PARENTS OUT THERE PLEASE HELP ME HELP MY SISTER!!
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@maddog108 (3440)
• Australia
24 Jan 07
gees sounds like you got a hard job ahead of you.kids are very smart and learn very fast.he has learnt this behaviour and it works for him.you have to change that so it dosnt work for him.my daughter started biteing and yes it hurts but when she bit me i grabbed her hand and bit her back after a few times she learnt not to do it.im saying maybe a little tough love is needed here.if he hit hit him back and make a point of telling him why.dont get angry and dont over do it be consistant after a while he will realise this behaviour is no longer working for him
• United States
24 Jan 07
My sister will do that from time to time.I think she needs to be cosistent though.Sometimes she will spank him but other times she won't,and I won;t do it because I'm not the mama.But I will DEFINATLY share your opinion with her.Thank You so much.
@arlena040 (252)
• United States
11 Feb 07
well mad dog is right he has learned what he can and can not get bye with . i went thro some of this with my son . the 2's are just what they are called terriable 2's. but it won't last forever and now is the time to be teaching him what is aceptable behavior . i would say give him some time out . when he miss behaves your sister needs to look him directly in his face and tell him ,what he just did was wrong and he needs time out for being mean . take him to a corner in a room and make him sit there either in a chair or play pen . i know he will scream and cry and don't give in to this no matter how much the screaming and crying is getting on everyones nerves let him learn that crying does not get him out of the corner. if she has to sit there and hold him in a chair then do it . tell him when him he stops crying and starts behaveing like a good boy he can come out of the corner after doing this for some time he should get the ideal this is what i will get when i am mean again . and his acting up should become less. good luck .