January 23, 2007 9:47pm CST
in recent years, pocket calculators have become almost as commonplace as wrist watches. there is now a tremendous choice of calculators at a great variety of prices. the following points should be borne in mind when buying a calculator. firstly, there is the number of things the calculator can do. the most basic type of calculators have simply the four arithmetical functions(add,sub,multi, and divi) with perhaps a few other functions like percentage and square root .. and now days scientific, mathematical, statistical or other use,, do u really live to be used....
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@jwin2003 (242)
• United States
24 Jan 07
it really depends on your job i feel.. i do think its handy to have one around .. like the post before me yes cell phones have a calculator but there not as fast and cannot do anything complex. but like i said it really depends what you do for a living if it would be convenient or effecient for you to carry one around...
@emquinsat (1059)
• Philippines
24 Jan 07
I don't think thats necessary. If you have a cellphone in your pocket you wouldn't need a pocket calculator. Cellphones has the calculator function and i even have a scientific calculator software in my phone so i dont think i'd need to have a seperate gadget.