People who want to kill.

United States
January 24, 2007 12:08am CST
You guy's all f-ing talk about killing like it's no big deal, but here’s some advice from a person who's friends father killed his mom and then himself right in front of him and his little sister with a f-ing shotgun. Luckily she was too young to remember, but he is a different story. And then a month ago my dad almost handed me the f-ing gun. Don't talk to me about killing and death because I've had friends commit suicide, slicing wrist’s, blowing their brains out with a hunting rifle, or having them get into fight's with crazy f-er's that pull out knives and gun's because there such cowards. So don't you all talk about it so easy until you’re looking at the puddles of blood or trying to comfort their loved ones. So until you walk my shoe's and see what I've seen, SHUT THE F UP!!!!!!!
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