Dams Be Damned!

January 24, 2007 12:45am CST
Why dams are are built on the big rivers? Do they serve the people really? Dams are built on the supposition that they will prevent flood and will protect people's lives and property apart from draining water down the base as and when required. And, also control the flow of water in the catchment area. But according to South Asia Network of Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP, many floods in India are generally caused by sudden and heavy discharge of water down the baseline and they are man-made in the ultimate analysis. Last year Surat got inundated in an unprecedented way due to such heavy discharge of water from Ukai dam which is an eye-opener. SANDRP reports that "Mismanagement and negligent operations of the largest reservoirs on Tapi, Narmada, Krishna, Godavari, Mahi and Sabarmati rivers have caused man-made disasters in Gujrat Maharastra, Madhya Prades, Karnataka, and Andhra Prades. The big dams that were expected to reduce the floods have actually been responsible for the flood disasters visiting these states now, the states that also happen to have the largest number of big dams"So, it goes without a saying this is a matter of grave concern, After coughing up crores of rupees, what purpose have they really served? After eviction of common people from their home and hearth and from their indigeneous biodiverse culture and livelihood, the dams are now taking their final tolls by causing floods on the common people of the land. Dams be damned!
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