Why do women do this,

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January 24, 2007 1:10am CST
A female friend of mine that i have none for years and that i happen to be in love with, but she never gives me the time of day LOL.well 2 weeks ago she asked me to be at her Apt. at a certain time.i heard her screaming like she was in pain or hurt so i opened the door and went to help her, but she was in the shower with the bathroom door open, and the shower curtain pulled half way back. and i got to see her naked.my question is why did she do it, is she wanting to be more than just friends. or was it just mind games?
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25 Jan 07
I think its a little of both , in a way she may wanna be more than friends but not want to admit it , but then again women play mind games like that all the time , i guess we are just mean LOL , either way she should just come right out and say somithing cause mind games get ya nowhere and if she wont admit to anything then she will never know what could have been ;) ~M~