@Bbilal (1998)
January 24, 2007 1:29am CST
In physics, E = mc2 is an important and well-known equation, which states an equivalence between energy (E) and mass (m), in direct proportion to the square of the speed of light in a vacuum (c2). Many other definitions of mass in other ways may be validly used with this equation. The equation was first derived in 1905 by Albert Einstein, In these, he showed that a unified four-dimensional model of space and time could accurately describe observable phenomena in a way that was consistent with Galileo's Principle of Relativity, but also accounted for the constant speed of light. His special theory of relativity ultimately showed that the traditional (Euclidean-Galilean) assumption of absolute time and distance was incorrect, and, as a consequence, that mass and energy are different only in form. Then afterwords, this equation is rejected for 18 years. I want to know why was Einstein's theory rejected for 18 years?
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@trinihd (996)
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21 Nov 08
Apparently because the people who rejected it are (in the words of another famous doctor - MD that is) idiots! LOL E-MC2 is right!