Building a dream with Oprah

Oprah embracing a South African child - Oprah chooses South Africa for her dream project because she idolizes Nelson Mandela.Here is a photo of Oprah hugging one of the kids in South Africa.
@pinker (16)
January 24, 2007 1:47am CST
Oprah Winfrey the well-known celebrity because of her money and generostiy has a latest project.She calls this project Building A Dream(check out a school aesthetically in Africa is what the project is all about.The school cost a lot of fortune but she doesn't mind the cost what matters to her is the happiness for those lucky individuals who can avail the school for free.I don't agree with Oprah's views. It is not right to build a school that is so glamorous unless those who will study there are rich kids.It will only highlights the obvious, others have much while they don't have.Oprah can build another school from the budget of her latest project if it is not done aesthetically.The school's capacity is only 150-200 students.How about the others?There are lots and lots of people that needed to be in school.Why only in Africa?There are so many poor countries.What will happen to those students after there stay?Are they trying to impose people to be materialistic?Giving schools to poor countries is a very generous act but they should also give guarantee to those who were lucky to avail it that what they see is only temporary.They have to achieve their dreams and work hard.Apply what they have learned during their stay.Make it as a stepping stone for their future.
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