January 24, 2007 1:58am CST
I have been talking to this girl on phone since last 1 month , she works in some call centre in bangalore , v use to talk 4 hours on all kind of topics and v use to enjoy a lot and share our joy and sorrows on phone , but since last 1 week i dont know wat has hapnd. to her , she is desperate to meet me , she is saying know she cannot live with me , she is also ready to come to the town where i live in , im surprised ! by this behaviour of her i mean i had never thought it would turn out like this , also i dont want her to come to my place and meet me , because i hav a girlfriend here and i dont want her to know all this , plz solve my problem , should i go and meet her bcoz even one of her frnd. told me tht. she has attempted suicide once but i like this girl just as a frnd. and i have even told her this thing but she is adamant to meet me ... ,R they playing some prank on me ?, plz gimme ur suggestion , coz i love my girlfriend and dont want to loose her should i tell her about all this ? , she is pressurising me to meet her ! , plz gimme ur valuable suggestions,she is too emotional i think she is deeply in love with me,thats y she is pressurising me to meet her , and im becomming more and more tensed as the time passes , im not even able to concentrate on my work ! plzz gimme some suggestion !
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