do u use mylot just to earn money

January 24, 2007 3:27am CST
plz be true while giving ur answer
3 responses
@KrauseHome (36733)
• United States
24 Jan 07
No, I use myLot for way more than a place to earn $$. Yes, the money you can earn on here is nice, but there is way more to being here than that. I Love meeting all of the interesting people who come to this site, and have learned a lot about a lot of them here. I find being able to share in our feelings, and learn about New things is the way to go. You never know who you will meet and become Good friends with, and maybe meet, unless you take time to get to know someone, and that is what I am doing here is building relationships with friends for the ages.
@cuddleme01 (2727)
• Philippines
24 Jan 07
at first that was my only purpose, to earn money. little by little i find mylot very interesting, informative and a whole lot of fun. now i am addicted to mylot and while i still stay here to earn money, i am no so focused entirely on earning money. oftentimes i am more concerned with the discussions, responses i make and how people will react to them. i wanna share my views, my opinions and say what i wanna say. mylot is a an earning and a learning site. and am here for both-- to earn and learn.
@bhawnam (1436)
• India
24 Jan 07
mylot for me is a place where i can speak out what i think and have it heard.. it is kind of addiction to me now and yes when i earn for what i like doing.. this is an added advantage.. cherry on the cake..!!