Will Nithari a non- insolated incident prove to b n eye opener 4 police dep.!!!

noida skeleton drain - skeleton drained in nithari
January 24, 2007 9:38am CST
NITHARI INCIDENT OF NEW DELHI HAS SHOCKED WHOLE WORLD.IT HAS BROKEN ALL THE BONDS OF MERCY.DOES ACCUSED KNOW MEANING OF MERCY OR NOT CAN'T BE SAID. HOW CAN A MAN EAT OTHER PERSON(SPECIALLY SMALL KIDS). We can only hope that such an incident should serve as an eye opener, but let us all not forget that it is easier said than done. Police in India does not function independently. It serves its masters. The crude reality to be kept in mind is that their masters are not the poor people of the country. We should also not forget that Executive has been called one of the pillars of democracy, but in practice in this country it is run by the whims and fancies of the Legislature. Therefore the question that I would pose to the country is: Who would come forward to take the responsibility of opening the eyes of the police?
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