I want to know how to move on from my ex?

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January 24, 2007 10:43am CST
okay see i was with this guy for 6 years then he cheated constantly on me i kept forgiving him and all i love him very much and always will but you know then he went to jail and kept messing with this girl to come to see him and all i mean i went to see him and all i mean i really tried to make it work but he went to jail for 4 years and all and after about 2 years i decided t end it and all i mean i found someelse told my ex and he beged me back i explained i cant chase someone around that is going to constantly cheat well now it is 5 yrears later he got out last year and he is back in the area and all i mean i moved on had 2 kids and all but now he is back in my head i fell like i did him wrong for moving on and i m not happy with man i am with i am not being fair nd he does not cheat on me or any thing and he is a great father i dont want to mess up something good how do i get my ex out my head i have seen him around and i always use to run back i dont want to but i mean what do i do i thought me and him was forever you know and it is just wierd everyone said we were cute and they thought we would last and could make it through anything and now when they see me they are like i cant believe it youmoved on and thats crazy what do i do i heard he is trying to get in touch with me i need closer should i talkto him or anything to have closer and all iwant to know why he hurt me and he wrote me a note to take him back and he would never cheat andall again should i ruin what i had or move on and all imean i need to know what to do and all.
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24 Jan 07
A good friend consoled me when I divorced, she said "The way to get over a man is to get under another one"
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26 Jan 07
thank you very much for your information
@cheenlly (3482)
• Philippines
27 Jan 07
long before you should have learn to forget that guy. The fact that he cheated you many times then you should have not forgiven him because he is abusing you and he will do it again and again. Now you have the good man beside you and very deserving. you should learn to appreciate that. MAybe you will realize how important is that present guy with you if he is gone. so dont wait for that time to be gone, open your heart for the new one im sure you will develop something better love in your heart. Forget and close the past and move on. Remember a cheater is always a cheater. He knows you better so he is abusing it so dont be stupid and be fooled by him again