Front suspension conversion using escort Xmember ,rack and legs.

June 30, 2006 5:54pm CST
Just reading april Classic ford, (Yes it takes that long for CF to sail to NZ) and see a Maltese 105e converted pretty much as I will be doing mine,can somebody tell me what has been used for the strut tops/mountings. They look to be a neat bolt in fit??.Will be using adjustable TCA's. Am going to use a 2.0L DOHC EFI Sierra motor and MT75 G/Box and one piece prop shaft.Any suggestions re coupling the shaft to the gearbox would be usefull. Also using minilite type wheels,14 x 6 to fit over Sierra rear disc brakes.We have a one off certification scheme here in NZ that covers any mods done,body/supension etc,so the story is to get it right first time!! Why do I not see any articles using this motor? is it a rare one or did it turn out to be no good for some reason?? Enough from Ian Conway Marlborough NZ
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