Using Mylot As A Way To Bond With Someone....

United States
January 24, 2007 1:05pm CST
I know to some this may sound odd, but has anyone considered Mylot as a good way to bond with a spouse, sibling, or someone else we care about? My husband works from 4pm til 4am Monday - Thursday and sometimes on Friday. Than on Saturday and Sunday he sleeps most of the day away trying to recooperate from the long work week, so this means I hardly get to see him or it doesn't really give us the time to go out and do things. We spend a lot of time watching tv together, but we hardly say a word to eachother when that is on. As of recently although my husband is not big on computers he has taken a liking to sitting with me on the weekends and reading and discussing with me the many topics we come across on here and has helped me with starting some discussions as well. I believe Mylot has helped my husband and I to start communicating with one another again in a different way than what we had previously been communicating in. Is there a time this has happened to you?
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@ronita34 (3923)
• Canada
25 Jan 07
I think that it is definately a great way to bond even in personal life. When my girlfriends come over i blab about topics and read them out loud and ask them what they think. My mom will also come in and we will read and talk amongst each other. Glad you get more quality time with him communication is great!!!
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25 Jan 07
Thanks I think it is to, but for sometime it has been hard to do with my husband cause of the messed up hours he works, so I like to give him his space. I didn't even pester him into joining me on his weekends to sit down and do Mylot with me. He was just passing by on his way to the kitchen to get himself a soda when apparently one of the discussions I was on caught his attention, and we talked about it and even though he's not gonna sign up to it, he wants to sit with me again next weekend and do Mylot together. Though I have always enjoyed getting into a good conversation with him because he does express some good points of his own.