@kubana (27)
United States
January 24, 2007 1:46pm CST
OK, I just started here and Im reading peoples responses on how u earn money and how much. Bottom line...what is the fastest way to earn? What does having friends benefit u? Thanks for the help.
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@ugachaka (297)
• United States
26 Jan 07
Yeah, you get paid for posting something useful. You'll want to type at least 4 sentences and not just give little one word answers. There's little + and - buttons next to every post and people can help affect whether or not your post as deemed as being "quality." Don't worry, people don't really give you a negative rating to be malicious, but rather to help deter people that abuse the system. You also get paid for uploading images and you earn a 25% bonus for money that your referrals make. Starting discussions that gets lots of responses seem to help the most. Days where I've had a discussion reach 100+ responses have been by far my best earning days.
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@moneymind (10520)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
Hello there kubana, welcome to I hope that you will like it also here, meet some new friends join in a discussions or start your own threads. To maximize your stay here in mylot i say read the guidelines provided by mylot at the buttomof this page, it helps. greetings.: )
• Canada
29 Jan 07
So there is no quick way to earn money faster here at mylot. You just have to put in the time and do the best you can. That seems reasonable, but what about the people saying you can make crazy money in even a day? Are they just lying?
@flikkenni (537)
• Indonesia
26 Jan 07
It was easy to earn money in mylot. You make response in discussion and make sure you make good quality response so your response will get + rating and maybe you can become best response, so you will earn more money. You can earn money too by upload photos or image.
• Indonesia
24 Jan 07
When you come across the fastest way to earn money, let me know, eh. lol Here in myLot, you get paid while responding to other people's discussion with a 'quality posting' (that's what they called, quality). You also make money out of uploading images from your interest button on top of this page. Those are what I am aware of. I guess when you look around here, you will find more suggestions. But then again, it will take some time (as per my experience) not instantly. I wish you all the best here in myLot and welcome.