Story about my Cat !

@mralol (21)
January 24, 2007 2:54pm CST
My cat has lived with our family for 10 years or more..i don't remember exactly what time she start living with us. I loved to play games with her when i was a child( by that time my cat was a little cat too)..and we got so fun! When i called MEO and she went beside...look like a very closed friend of mine. One time when i was 16, she protected me from a snack. It's when we're in cast cut game, suddenly the Cat jumped to my sit and attacked a snack that's trying to crawl next to me. I was so frightened but nothing happened 'cuz the snack was attacked and ran away. We went back home and i had a fish for her lunch...that's her favorite food! ......She's my best friend when i was childhood! ..Then i had to leave my village for college. I go home 3 times a i'm 24 and my cat is old now but everytime i arrive home and call out MEO...she reply my word..Meooooooo!!!! then run next to me.
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