Where to draw the line: kindness and subservience.

United States
January 24, 2007 5:03pm CST
You want to be a good person. You want to be kind and compassionate. You want to find peace within yourself by spreading goodwill and good deeds. You open a door for someone, and it goes unthanked. You can accept that. You try to ignore backhanded insults from those you love. You can somewhat accept that. You try to be involved and helpful to those around you and end up enslaved. Where is the dividing line? Do you persist in doing what's right and good because you know that you should and you sometimes feel satisfied from it, or do you restrict your kindness and caring to only those who earn it? Do you figure that even if people take advantage of you or ignore your kindness that at least you're earning good karma? That's selfish, but can, to some extent, keep you motivated. Anyone out there spiritually evolved enough to help me out here?
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@lilaclady (28227)
• Australia
25 Jan 07
It is hard sometimes, I help friends and people in general whenever I can and sometimes I say to myself oh well lesson learnt but then that same person comes around needing help again and I in it again...it is hard to walk past someone who needs help.
• United States
25 Jan 07
This is my dilema. I'm trying to be a better person. My tendency is to give into every whim of everyone I know. That might make the other person feel better, but I feel exhausted and resentful, which really defeats the purpose. I've been reading up on Buddhism, and I'm trying to follow its tenets, but when people get too close to me I back away for fear of being sucked dry again.