stomache pain and nausea

United States
October 7, 2006 6:26pm CST
I have had stomche pain for more than 6 years. Most of the time the pain is after eating almost anything. I have tried removing different food. Have seen specialist who have ran every gastro test to be ran. Have been tested for all stomache diseases. I don't sleep full nights from the pain. It is daily. I have been put on different meds for IBS symtoms, etc. The nausea has worsened. I understand the symtoms may be stomache related but can derive from another source in the body. I do not know where to turn for help.
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7 Oct 06
sounds to me like you have i.b.s. [irratable bowel syndrome ] you need to cut out dairy products also wheat and glutton
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7 Oct 06
My bf has a stomach ulcer....It will never go away...almost anything he eats makes him sick and's really bad....and just recently they told him he has high cholesterol which adds to his problem......I know how bad your pain can be...but for my bf's problem they told him there's nothing they can do...just that he needs to watch his fatty foods and spicy foods....hope you feel better and hope they find the source of your problem!!!