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This is a preacher, preaching a sermon - This is a preacher, preaching a sermon.
United States
January 25, 2007 1:21am CST
Apparently there's a new trend where preachers are claiming that God is basically just a big ATM in the sky and if you ask for anything with enough faith, he HAS to give it to you. They call it the prosperity gospel, "name it and claim it," or word of faith. These churches are experiencing huge growth. The preachers also claim that if you "plant a seed" (IOW, give them money) God is obligated to return it to you a hundred times over. They say they talk about a lot of things other than money, but from what I'm hearing money and health are the two biggies. They seem to think that if you get sick, it's a sign of spiritual weakness and if you just have enough faith, God is forced to heal anything you might have. The explanation for why some of their leaders have gotten sick is because you only have to have a little faith to get cured of a cold, but if you have cancer or something it takes super-human faith and you have to keep working at it until you build up enough faith credits with God that He has to heal you. Sometimes apparently you don't do that in time to avoid dying. They also say Jesus was financially rich and lived a life of luxury and all poverty comes from sin. I think this is seriously flawed and dangerous theology. It puts God at our mercy, it discourages the poor and the sick, and it takes the focus off the true Word of God. Has anyone else been hearing about this?
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@manong05 (5028)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
Yes this is very unfortunate. God created man in His image but man started creating gods according to his own image and whims, reduce god into a size whereby he can manipulate him and use him for his purposes. What is disgusting too is the way they play with people's emotions and feelings especially those who are desperate enough and are willing victims. This is very sad. Any theology that is not theocentric is flawed.
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@wasim989 (2299)
• India
25 Jan 07
I think this is all done to convert as many people as possible to christianity and what I have seen is that most of the time they only target people from backward classes and those who are poor.